Current Projects.

Projects we are working on.

Current Projects: 
Bureau Europa, Maastricht Municipality, Maastricht (Renovation and restoration)
Pop-podium Muziekgieterij, Maastricht Municipality, Maastricht (Conversion, restoration + new addition)
Kraak Countryhouse (Renovation)
Superlocal Pavilion, HEEMwonen, Kerkrade (Re-use)
40 residential houses, RO Groep, Maastricht (Housing)
Pavilion Oud CBS gebouw, Walas, Heerlen (Renovation)
Clay Shooting Hall, ESS, Stein
Office Interior Brightlands, Province of Limburg, Venlo (Renovation)
Limburg Archealogy Depot, Province of Limburg, Heerlen (Conversion and renovation)

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