Parkstad Limburg has set itself the goal of being energy-neutral by 2040. This requires an intensive energy transition process. Walas projects, owner of the former CBS building complex (Carboon6), has taken the initiative to realize two solar panel fields of 4000m2 each on their own site. It has been decided to cover the two existing parking fields. The gigantic 'carports' each deliver one megawatt capacity, resulting in an annual energy production of 900,000 kWh and a reduced CO2 emission of 400,000 kg.Each roof has 3,500 solar panels and provides the Carboon6 complex with one third of the total energy consumption. Rainwater is collected for re-use applications. The load-bearing structure is made of wood originating from Africa, which is sustainably cleared according to the 'low impact lumbering' principle.
Maurer United Architects contributed to the project in the field of overall engineering. The agency is currently working on the design for the second roof, in which new creative and sustainable applications are being sought in favor of the desired energy transition in Parkstad Limburg.
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