Maurer United Architects is an agency for urbanism and architecture. It was founded by Marc Maurer and Nicole Maurer in 1998.
Based in the south of Dutch Limburg, Maurer United Architects works with an intrinsic motivation on connecting cultural, ecological and economic ideals. The local context - an international location with a rich European history - inspires Maurer United Architects daily to cross-over thinking and acting. 
Maurer United Architects has built up 20 years of experience as an architecture practice, with realized projects in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and China. Since its founding, the creative agency has also been active in the fields of media and exhibition development.  Over the years, Maurer United Architects has pioneered with innovations like ‘co-creation’, ‘mobilization’, ‘participation’, ‘circularity’, ‘place-branding’ and ‘augmented urbanism’.
The agency has developed a wide and multidisciplinary portfolio of projects in the field of urbanism and architecture. The gained experience was retained and presented by means of publications, exhibitions and educational programs.