Marc Maurer and Nicole Maurer founded Maurer United Architects in 1998. Over the years, their works have always proven to be a strong combination of 'pure imagination and skilled craftsmanship'.
Initially, the studio received commissions concerning exhibition design and media installations. During the years, Maurer United Architects has expanded its activities by developing projects in the fields of urbanism, architecture, design, and media. The studio has realized projects in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and China.
Since 2000, Maurer United Architects has also worked on assignments in the field of research and education. Several commissions were developed in close cooperation with universities and academies. The gained experience was retained and presented by means of publications and exhibitions.
Since 2004, Maurer United Architects has also been providing consultancy services related to delivering concepts, strategies, (art) direction and process management in the sector of urbanism and architecture. Maurer United Architects has pioneered with process innovations like ‘co-creation’, ‘mobilization’, ‘participation’, ‘story-telling’, ‘de-growing’ and ‘augmented urbanism’.
Today, Maurer United Architects works as an agency that combines these different approaches.