Haus Loewenstein.

Maurer United Architects developed a new branding profile for Aachen, a German city located on the Dutch and Belgian borders, which was based on the three themes of History, Science and Europe. A masterplan was drawn up for the city centre where the desired profile would be communicated to residents and tourists via fifteen stations. The plan works as a decentralised museum. A number of stations are planned in medieval buildings that are now partly being used as offices for officials. The buildings will be redeveloped as public buildings. The plan refers to the history of Charlemagne. The ´Dom´ and ´Couvenmuseum´ stations have been incorporated in the masterplan without being changed. The ´Rathaus´, ´Elisenbrunnen´, ´Zeitungsmuseum´, ´Haus Loewenstein´ and ´Grashaus´ stations require renovation and redevelopment. This has already been completed for some stations. The ´Route Charlemagne´ is already in use and is open to interested visitors. As well as using the existing buildings in the city centre to promote the city’s desired profile, a corporate identity and corporate design have been developed for the entire project. Photo's: Haus Loewenstein.

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