Maurer United Architects is currently working on a transformation project, entitled SUPERLOCAL. The aim is to re-use the material of three to be torn-down apartment blocks and develop about 125 new dwellings on location.This extreme 'circular building process' asks for the development of new technologies. In association with Volantis, Dusseldorp and Bouwbedrijven Jongen, a new 'prototype' is being developed. Concrete 'units' are being cut out of the social housing apartment blocks in order to be stacked as 'containers'. By doing so, new housing types are being developed. The project was initiated HEEMwonen and the municipality of Kerkrade. SUPERLOCAL is a key project of IBA Parkstad 2020.
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A circular building process asks for careful demolition.
Re-using present values.
Organizing careful demolition.
Securing a unit to be cut out.
Securing a unit to be cut out.
Inspecting the construction.
Inspecting the construction.
Making an exact cut.
Making an exact cut.
Making an exact cut.
Preparing the displacement.
Preparing the displacement.
Ready for lift-off.. 
A few centimeters..
Taking a sample..
Left over..
Enjoying the view..
Securing the harvest..
Clearing the sample.. 
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Maurer United Architects designed a new Speech and Hearing Lab at Zuyd University of Applied Sciences in Heerlen. The learing and working environment was taken into use in September 2016. 
Maurer United Architects designed a house located in the beautiful setting of South-Limburg. The client is a local farmer – who is specialized in oxen – owning a beautiful estate. 'Villa Ransdaal' will have a view to the east looking over the stables. To the west, north and south the view will be pointing towards empty Limburg greenfields.
Maurer United Architects is developing the design of a new pop music venue at Belvédère area in Maastricht. Future users will be: Muziekgieterij and Bureau Europa.  The building will be part of Maastricht's new creative district.
Maurer United Architects developed a light landmark to remember 'Lange Lies' and 'Lange Jan', two demolished chimneys (155 meters and 135 meters height) related to the mine activities in Heerlen some 50 years ago. The title of the artwork ‘The future is Mine’ combines current opportunities with past achievements of the local community. It is the final project of M2015 Heerlen and will radiate until December 31st, 2015.
Maurer United Architects designed a tunnel for pedestrians and bikes in Zutphen. The sculptural design is illuminated by light artist Herman Kuijer. The opening took place at November 14th, 2015. Photo by Jannes Linders.
Maurer United Architects designed a 'Bed and Breakfast Pavilion' in close cooperation with artist Boris Tellegen, for Lucy in The Sky (Deventer). The project was nominated for Dutch Gouden Pyramide.
Housing association HEEMwonen, the City of Kerkrade and Maurer United Architects are currently working on a transformation project, entitled SUPERLOCAL. The aim is to re-use the material of three to be torn-down apartment blocks and develop 100 new dwellings on location.This year, a book was published evaluating the functioning of the apartment blocks during the past 50 years. The book, entitled JIDDERINNE VÓLT ZIECH DOA HEEM (‘everyone felt at home there’) and counting 160 pages, contains interviews, floor plans, interior photo’s and much more valuable information. Maurer United Architects presented the project at theReciprocity Liege (Belgium) conference CONSTRUCTION / DECONSTRUCTION / RECONSTRUCTION at October 201th, 2015 and at Maastricht Bureau Europa at Novermber 11th, 2015. 
Maurer United Architects designed iconic sculptures for City of Heerlen year theme M2015, that was organized to recollect the closing of the local mining industry fifty years ago. The hyperbolic structures were made of wooden planks. The colors represent the flags of the ten nationalities of former mineworkers in this area. The sculptures are located at the terrain of demolished mining shaft EMMA, where the cooling towers were actually invented and built by Van Iterson during the mining activities.
From September 18th until December 4th, 2015, Maurer United Architects presented the exhibition SHIFTING IDENTITIES at the Gouvernement Maastricht (The Netherlands). The exhibition was part of Reciprocity Liege (Belgium) and was put together in close cooperation with StormHand, Geurlab and Cologne Intelligence.
The CO-CREATION LAB was taken into use on September 17th, 2015. The lab is located at the enormous glass house 'Villa Flora’ in Venlo (The Netherlands). The design by Maurer United Architects is meant to function as an incubator at the Brightlands Greenport Campus in Venlo. Photo: Kim Zwarts.
The temporary pavilion RAISE THE ROOF will be relocated from Genk to Hasselt (Belgium) by art space Z33. The art work by Maurer United Architects was part of the manifestation de Unie Hasselt Genk in 2014. Photo: Kristof Vrancken.
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