Maurer United Architects made a map of the 'Eutropolis', a cross-border cityregion including places like Hasselt, Genk, Sittard-Geleen, Maastricht, Heerlen, Aachen and Liege. The map was made in 2007, but has been a current topic ever since. Photo: Annika Frencken.
Maurer United Architects is currently working on a masterplan for the three-country-point (NL-DE-BE) in Vaals. The plan includes several storytelling pavilions, the largest one is the 'Caleidoscoop', which represents the history of Europe. Render: Albert Kiefer.

Maurer United Architects is currently working on the renovation and re-use of a Maastricht industrial heritage building complex. The so-called 'Timmerfabriek' is being transformed into a music club, concert hall and recording studio: 'Muziekgieterij'. Photo: Kim Zwarts.

Maurer United Architects is currently working on a transformation project, entitled  SUPERLOCAL. The aim is to re-use the material of three to be torn-down apartment blocks and develop 100+ new dwellings on location. This extreme 'circular building process' asks for the development of new technologies. The project was initiated HEEMwonen and the municipality of Kerkrade. SUPERLOCAL is a key project of IBA Parkstad 2020.