Maurer United Architects developed the SUPERLOCAL concept by assignment of HEEMwonen. See the video for an update on this pioneering project. We are currently working on the SUPERLOCAL high rise building block. 
Together with RWTH Aachen (Lehrstuhl und Institut für Städtebau) and Reicher Haase Assoziierte, Maurer United Architects is currently working on project ZL'EU - A spatial strategy for Zuid-Limburg in Euregional Context. The project will result in an integrated vision and strategy with initial guidelines for a cross-border spatial development program.
Maurer United Architects delivered the communication strategy for 'Büchel', Aachen's most daring new neighborhood development challenge.
Maurer United Architects is currently working on the public space design of Heerlen's Roman Quarter area - including Raadhuisplein, Coriovallumstraat and Dr. Poelsstraat.