Maurer United Architects is currently working on the renovation and re-use of a Maastricht industrial heritage building complex. The so-called 'Timmerfabriek' is being transformed into a music club, concert hall and recording studio: 'Muziekgieterij'. 

Maurer United Architects is currently working on a transformation project, entitled  SUPERLOCAL. The aim is to re-use the material of three to be torn-down apartment blocks and develop about 125 new dwellings on location. This extreme 'circular building process' asks for the development of new technologies. In association with Volantis, Dusseldorp and Bouwbedrijven Jongen, a new 'prototype' is being developed. Concrete 'samples' are being cut out of the abandoned social housing apartment blocks in order to be stacked as 'containers'. By doing so, new housing types are being developed. The project was initiated HEEMwonen and the municipality of Kerkrade. SUPERLOCAL is a key project of IBA Parkstad 2020.